Why You Should Wear a Watch That is Perfect for the Occasion

No matter what watch you wear- may it be a simple watch with a quartz crystal or a highly-sophisticated automatic watch from a reputable watchmaking company- it is always best that you wear one that is appropriate for the occasion. In this article, I will explain why.

The Watch You Wear is Akin to the Clothes You’ll Wear on the Day

Let me ask you a question: Will you be wearing a formal suit at a birthday party for kids? Are you going to wear casual attire in a black-tie event? I believe that your answer to these questions is a resounding NO, right?
Just like wearing the right clothes for the occasion, you should also think about wearing the right watch that is apt for the event as well.

A dress watch, for example, is always suited for formal events because the timepiece’s form factor just makes it so that the attention of the people around you will not be taken away from the wardrobe you are wearing. If anything, such a timepiece can accentuate your overall look.
But, you wouldn’t wear a dress watch if you are going for a marathon, right? If that is what you are going to do, it is best that you wear a sports watch that is sweat-proof and can take a beating no matter what the conditions are.
Again, just like the clothes you are wearing, your preferred timepiece should also be appropriate for the occasion you are going to.

It is a Status Symbol

I once had a meeting with a certain company on two occasions. Their main representative, which I would call ‘Alan’, went to our office with a Rolex GMT Master II Reference.
I am an employee in an accounting firm and Alan wants to hire our company for bookkeeping services. That being said, his watch, although grandiose in its appearance, is not appropriate given the setting and the tone of the event. If anything, that watch should only be worn if you are in casual, everyday events.
On another occasion with Alan, I was the one who went to his company and seeing that the event is also formal, I went with a more subdued dress watch so as to not catch too much attention while I am in his office. Do you know what he was wearing at that time? A Rolex Daytona “Steven Tyler” edition.

Now, why do you think Alan is doing this? Well, wearing a very expensive watch signifies that you are quite successful in life. Sure, that is always a thing but that also tells the people around you that you have no regard for the actual event you are in but you are just thinking about wearing an expensive timepiece.
If anything, the proper etiquette while also wearing the right watch should go hand in hand. In conclusion, wearing a watch solely for bragging rights (especially if the occasion doesn’t call for it), is just for the ignorant. Always wear a watch that is appropriate for the occasion.

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