Mobile Apps 101: 8 Things To Remember When Designing A Notification


This Is How You Let The Users Know About… Well, Everything


App designers really do take the cake when it comes to the difficulty of designing, mainly mobile app feature designs. There are various elements to consider, some of which are extremely important and needs to be treated with the utmost care. Here are some things that you need to consider:



Always Be Careful With Data Privacy


Since notifications are completely visible from a device’s lock screen, user privacy is an essential component to consider. Many notifications contain private details, so it shouldn’t be visible all the time. It should only be revealed to the person unlocking the device.



Notify Users With Distinct Sounds


Make users choose from a variety of sounds. A distinct alert tone can capture a person’s attention instantly, even if they are not looking at the screen devices.



Test The App Notifications Rigorously


How can you improve your app notifications? Test it. This is the only way to enhance your notifications. Through A/B testing, you can adjust your notifications for the better, and make them compelling enough.



Keep It Simple


Notifications are crucial because they send important messages. Make sure that your brand’s message is understandable and clear. No matter what your notification’s content is, it should speak the same language as the people using it.



Summarize Notifications


Never send various notifications of the same kind. If you send the notifications of the same type, users will most likely turn it off.



Help Users Navigate To The Correct Place


Always encourage users to take important actions. Take advantage of that special moment where they touch a specific notification.



Notifications Should Be Optional


Not all users love notifications. Always give them a choice to change and disable notifications in the settings part of your app.



Never Send Confidential Details Through Notifications


Don’t ever send sensitive, confidential information through your app’s notifications. Passwords and bank account numbers should always be sent through email, or in any other more private avenue.

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