Best Tips to Effectively Wireframe your Mobile App

When an engineer creates a blueprint, they have to painstakingly draw a structure so that the individual workers will know what to do and so that they have an idea of the end-product.

The same principle also applies to wireframing. Wireframing is essentially a solid structure- a plan if you will. You need to do this if you are an app developer so that you will have a sense of what to do to achieve your goal.

In this article, I will go over some tips to effectively wireframe your mobile application development framework.


  • Create It Like a Blueprint


A wireframe can be likened to a blueprint and you have to treat it as such in order for you to know your end goal. In this case, you will create a plan so that you will know what your app is going to look like.

That being said, how do you create a successful wireframe? There are actually three stages:

  1. Planning- You need to come up with some ideas as to what your app actually is. Is it an app where people can buy things from? Or maybe it is something that helps them track their calories. Whatever it is, planning is an essential first step.
  2. Mockups- After an idea has been conjured up, a mockup is basically how it would look like. This includes the design, the colors, animations, and other aesthetics you wish to add.
  3. Prototype- Essentially, it is a beta version of the app. Before release, this is the stage where extensive testing is needed.


  • Work with a Partner


There is a famous saying, “two heads are better than one.” The same can be said for developing an app wireframe.

Working with a partner will make your life easier as you can easily pool your ideas together and so that another person can help you with other aspects of the project as well.


  • Have Plenty of Designs Ready


Now, an app’s design is an important aspect of it and it is best that you come up with multiple ones first before finally arriving at the final piece.

Creating multiple designs will help you in the end. Take for example a scenario where a particular design is good in theory, but it is actually not that good after it is implemented.

In this case, having other designs is handy since you can then swap to it in the hopes of arriving at the final one that suits your brand’s needs.


  • Add Content First


It cannot be argued that the app’s design should come first, but you also have to provide content for it as well.

For you to have a clearer picture as to what it might look like as a finished product, you can make use of websites that will take care of the content for you. Sites such as the Lorem Ipsum can take care of the content for the time being; just so that you will see what the application looks like with some text.


  • Make it Cross-Platform


Two of the most widely used mobile platforms are Android and iOS. If you can, make sure that your application can be used by both platforms. This massively increases the number of people that can use it and it can be advantageous to you.


  • Have People Test It First


Before finally releasing your app, have a number of people test it first. People might have things to say that can help improve your application, so be sure to take whatever they say about it into account.

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