6 Ways to Last Longer in Bed

Sex is always a great thing and is definitely considered one of life’s greatest joys. But for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, it can turn into one of life’s greatest disappointments.

Although PE is something that you should be wary about, you shouldn’t worry too much as the condition is quite common. In fact, urologists say that PE is quite common in men at some point in their lives.

Now, taking good supplements for men can certainly help you in some way, but there are other ways that can help you last longer in bed as well. Do read further to find out what they are.

Limit Your Thrusting

When did you start masturbating? If you’ve masturbated at a very young age, then you know that you have to make it quick so that you will not be busted by your parents. And, to make it so much easier for you to ejaculate, you masturbate so fast just to make yourself cum even faster.

That being said, the same principle actually applies when you thrust during penetrative sex. The faster that you thrust into your partner’s vagina, the faster you are going to ejaculate.

Therefore, if that is the case with you, then limit your thrusting to a certain extent. Instead of fast thrusts, make it slow and deliberate.

Try Out New Positions

There are certain things in life where familiarity leads to efficiency and that also applies to sex. There are certain positions where you will ejaculate much quicker than others.

That is why trying out new positions could potentially help you control your ejaculatory urges. Doing something that is tricky or novel can certainly take the edge off and since you are mostly focusing on trying it out, it can help buy you some time.

Do the Squeeze

According to Ian Kerner, a renowned sex therapist and author, he said that if you are feeling the urge to cum, stop what you are doing and apply considerable pressure on the tip of your penis by squeezing it.

The squeezing technique could potentially be your lifesaver as doing it can help decrease sexual tension.

Think About Clitoral Stimulation

If you somehow become anxious due to your condition, then you may want to focus on her needs. There are more ways than one when it comes to making her reach orgasm and one of the most potent ways you can do that is through clitoral stimulation.

Masturbate to Last Longer

This might seem counterintuitive but there is actually some merit into doing this before sexy time.

You see, after a man ejaculates (whether through sex or masturbation), men typically undergo a refractory period where they feel a huge decrease in sexual stimulation. So, if you are usually overexcited, masturbating an hour or two before sex just makes sense.

Use Thick Condoms

Some men do not want to wear condoms and one of the reasons why is that they usually feel less stimulation down there when they are wearing one. That is also precisely the reason why you should wear one if you suffer from PE.

Opt for thicker condoms as the thicker the material is, the better it is in decreasing the sensation that you feel on your penis.

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