5 Top Web Design Trends to Follow in 2018

The design of a website is something that web developers must also look into. After all, it is what greets your visitors and it ultimately dictates if they will stay for a long time or not.

With each year comes new trends and web designers should make it a point to know these trends so that they can somehow incorporate some if not all of them on their websites.

Here are 5 top web design trends to follow in 2018:


You might have come across websites that have animated pictures scattered all throughout their web page.

Those things are called cinemagraphs and what’s amazing about them is that they can entice more and more people to love what you have to offer. They start out as stationary, but after a few seconds, it will start to move just like an animated short clip.

You see, although you can get away with using just still images, the impact an animated one makes are just tremendous and you will be missing out if you’re not going to use on your website.

Machine Learning and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Have you ever used your iPhone’s Siri? Or perhaps Amazon’s Alexa program? Both of them make everyone’s lives easier because you can operate them using only voice commands.

More and more companies are using machine learning into everything that they offer; especially their websites.

By using machine learning, they can learn from the habits of their customers and fine-tune some things to give them suggestions based from user-interaction.

We hope to see more websites include this feature soon.

Use the Parallax Effect

As animations are included in almost all websites now, it is important that you introduce the parallax effect with it as well.

To those of who you do not know, the Parallax effect is simply the difference in the position of an object when viewed in different lines of sight.

In the context of animations, when some objects move, the others remain still and in their place, creating a more dramatic effect.

The Parallax Scrolling Effect is something that most web designers should look into since more and more successful businesses are adding these to their web pages.

Bots, Bots, and More Bots

When your website is mostly for business purposes, there might be some products that will require more explanation so that people will know what it is all about.

For that reason, you can employ the use of chatbots. Ever been to a website where a chat box will suddenly appear asking you if there is something that they can do for you? That is essentially what a chatbot does.

The good thing is that these bots work automatically and they serve your customers in real-time; often with amazing results.

Let Your Visitors Express Themselves Using Micro-Interactions

In some popular social media platforms, users can make use of emojis to convey how they feel without actually saying anything.

Those things are technically known as micro-interactions and you are truly missing out if you do not add them to your website.

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