5 Examples of Outstanding Minimalist Web Designs

Before, it was very normal for reputable websites to feature cluttered and complicated designs. People love experimenting with custom website design and web pages containing a lot of information. Even convenient navigation is not a priority back then.

However, good design is not all about complexity. We are already realizing that now, with the prevalence of minimalist web designs. Minimalist designs appear more modern, cleaner and more organized. It promises an improved user experience.

Below are some real-life examples of successful website minimalism. This trend is fast evolving, and it is important for you to utilize this on your projects.


Kickpush is a product design firm. It utilizes a solid-color backdrop, with a big text heading method. Aside from good portfolio pieces, it also features several other sections. This website, as a whole, utilizes a solid red backdrop, and every section alternates photo positioning from one side to the other. Its basic design tactic creates more contrast, and the white lettering on each section is captivating.


This web design firm owns a website that effectively reflects all of its talents. As soon as Instrument’s homepage fully loads, visitors would notice its solid back backdrop, and a minimalist heading at the top.

Their goal? Tell their visitors straight away what their website is all about. There is a list of their previous projects, and various useful links. This is an example of a perfect portfolio website. If you are a visitor looking for efficient services, you will know immediately what the agency provides. The tagline says it all.

3.La Constitución Argentina

Surely, you wouldn’t expect to see the Argentinian constitution’s official page in this list of great minimalist website designs. It is included in this list because it as an exceptional layout, and browsing through it proves to be enjoyable.

This website incorporates a stylish bar that helps the visitor look for specific parts of the constitution. If you want, you can also jump through different chapters, with the use of the basic vertical navigation menu.

Moreover, there are plenty of elegant transitions—it imitates the flipping of book pages. These are just simple animation techniques, but it positively impacts their website. It doesn’t add plenty of content, but incorporates more personality.

4.The Oasis at Grace Bay

You will surely enjoy the minimalist vibe of The Oasis At Grace Bay’s website. Browse through their pages, and you will feel like you’re already at the beachfront. Special thanks to all the video backdrops, as well as the black, blue and white color palette.

It has a very straightforward, basic website design. Its big sidebar navigation menu with enough links can assist visitors in exploring their website. Every web page contains a simple grid design with plenty of white spaces. It makes each element stand out on its own.

The Oasis At Grace Bay’s website offers a lot of data on every age, but it still makes use of white spaces efficiently. The design is organized, uncluttered and clean.

5.KBS Canada

KBS Canada’s website is one of the most creative minimalist layouts in the digital landscape. Their home page has a lot of transition elements when moving in between sections. Because of these transition movements, navigating around the page becomes even more engaging. You would want this style to be implemented on every website!

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