5 Best Parenting Books

1.Dr. Rebecca Chicot – The Calm and Happy Toddler

This book delivers a realistic take on what you must expect from toddlers. Are you having a hard time dealing with your little one’s tantrums? By reading this parenting book, you can learn new doable, sensible strategies that can help you deal with discipline.

2.Deana Puccio and Alison Havey – Sex, Likes and Social Media

This specific book is written by The Rap Project’s co-founders. The Rap Project is an organization that promotes awareness for teen social media users. Since it’s completely impossible to monitor your teenage children’s social media channels, this book offers advice on how to communicate with them, and help them with safe social media use.

3.Naella Grew and Janey Downshire – Teenagers Translated

Apart from buying baby clothes and baby travelling bags in Malaysia, it’s also important to invest in helpful parenting books. Parenting is not an easy task, most especially once your child grows into a stubborn teenager. Why not start with this book? It offers new insights into the ways of teenagers–how they feel and act.

4.Alison Gopnik – The Gardener and the Carpenter

This is one of the most thought-provoking books you can ever read. The Gardener and the Carpenter is written by a reputable developmental psychologist, and explores new views on parenting. Gopnik tackles the science of child development and human evolution, encouraging people to give their kids encouragement and space so they can further explore life’s possibilities.

5.Dr. Caroline Fertleman – Your Baby Week by Week

Are you a new parent? Then, this is the book for you. It discusses your every important week in your baby’s life in the first 6 months. If you want to learn more about your newborn, make sure to take time to read this. There are also helpful tips in dealing with burping and nappy rash.

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