3 Epic Mistakes Committed by Most Gamblers

On slot machines, in actual or online casino, the house edge is higher than most other casino games. But playing slots is just part of the problem. Slot machine players fall into the trap of not knowing how much they lose over time due to the low sum they bet on a single turn.

Slot machines are designed to encourage you to play them as easily as you like. You can press the spin button as soon as you can and in every hour you can get as many as 600 spins. Whether you’re playing online slots or playing in a land based casino, this is real.

1. Playing Too Much Spins

If you’re taking 600 spins per hour, look at the information below to see how much you’re risking each hour based on the total bet amount.

Bet Size Total Wagers Every Hour
.25 $150
.50 $300
$1 $600
$2 $1,200
$5 $3,000
$10 $6,000

As you can see, you’re running a lot of money through the system every hour, even if you’re playing on a quarter machine. If you’re like me and like chasing egalitarian jackpots in slots, several machines have a $1 or $2 bet scale to compete for the highest jackpot. You’re really beginning to rack up the amount you’re losing every hour at this point.

Playing slot machines with a large house edge will exhaust your bankroll quicker than most other casino games, given the smaller bet size. If you are playing a table game and betting $20 a hand but only playing 50 hands an hour, the chance is $1,000 an hour. Contrast this with running 600 spins at $2 per hand on a slot machine. You are playing slots at a much lower risk per choice for an additional $200 an hour.

When you add slots and other games to the house edge gap, you can see how slots on your bankroll are rougher than most games. For contrast, here are some examples.

Game Approximate House Edge Risk Every Hour Expected Hourly Loss
Slots 5% 600 X $2 = $1,200 $60
Blackjack 1% $20 X 60 = $1,200 $12
Craps 1.5% $20 X 50 = $1,000 $15
Roulette 2.5% $20 X 50 = $1,000 $25

Players like to play slots because they can get lucky and win a major jackpot. Usually, the other games on this page do not give as much payoff as slots do. Generally, you lose more slots to play, but you will never win a $100,000 jackpot to play craps or roulette.

One thing you can do is to play fewer spins an hour to reduce the losses when playing slot machines. In other words; if you are playing slots, slot down. Through doing 300 spins an hour instead of 600, you will slash the expected losses in half. This tactic works for both slot machines based on land and when you play slots online.

2. Activating Bonus Pay Lines

They were much simpler than they are now when slot machines began to become popular. We didn’t have the same number of reels and had only a few paylines. Now, with video based slot machines, you can find games with many reels, hundreds of pay lines, special bonus games and games within games, and all kinds of other special features.

Slot machines that offer bonuses, jackpots, and progressive opportunities seem to be available everywhere you can play slots.

It is important to read the rules, especially if there are special features like bonus rounds and jackpots on the slot machine. To order to activate pay lines to unlock bonus rounds, bonus games and jackpots, certain slot machines require extra bets beyond the base game wagers. You can play a machine and hit what would be a huge jackpot if you don’t know the rules, but miss out because you haven’t activated the right pay line.

The easiest way to avoid making a mistake that will cost you a big win is to disable all available paylines at all times. Use a computer that gives a lower maximum bet if this makes the bet value too high for your bankroll.

The good news is that many video slot machines are either designed to make only one size bet that activates all pay lines, or are designed to hit a single button that makes the max bet automatically.

3. Playing Slots without Bonus

I prefer to play most forms of live gambling. I would like to play blackjack and poker live instead of playing online. But the slot machines are one of the few games that are better online. You don’t have to wait for your favorite slot machines to open a seat, and you don’t have to worry about someone sitting next to you and bothering you.

Even, for a trip to Las Vegas or somewhere else you don’t have to fill the card and head to your local casino or airport. Playing online slots saves you time and money, and you have access to a wider range of slots games than most casinos have.

All of the above reasons for playing online slots are good reasons, but I haven’t yet mentioned the best yet. You can get all kinds of deposit and reload bonuses when you play slots online that allow you to play longer.
When you start looking for bonuses when playing other casino games, it can be challenging because there are many bonuses for other casino games. But nearly every online casino bonus you can find is designed to play slots.

I’ve had $10,000 and more slots rewards, and when I wanted to play online tournaments, I never had trouble finding a deposit or reloading incentive. If the casino I’m playing isn’t offering one, they usually give me one if I ask, but I can play at hundreds of other online casinos offering incentives.

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